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5540 is an artist-led project that addresses the devastating effects of sewage pollution in the river Arth. The project will unite a community that has a passion to safeguard the future of their river and their autonomy. 5540 will explore the role art can play in highlighting the political, cultural and economic challenges facing rural communities like Aberarth.  Acting as a catalyst for collaboration and participation, 5540 extends an invitation to engage in a collective effort to save the river Arth through Art and education




The classes are designed to deepen your connection to the river Arth, the surrounding landscape and yourself.  

The sessions begin with a walk and talk, where you will observe and document the rhythm and energy of the river whilst getting to know your fellow students. You will gather materials, folklore and offerings to develop your work back in the studio. Alongside your concertina book, you will also be part of a collaborative piece celebrating our ancestral and future relationship with the river Arth. 

Art Classes 

Curated by Natalie Chapman and Harriet Chapman 

concertina book by Pani Kekkavva


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5540 refers to the total number of hours that sewage was pumped into the river Arth in 2020.The campaign for stricter water quality legislation in the Environment Act saw record numbers of  Activists and environmental campaigners taking to beaches and riverbanks in the call to End Sewage Pollution. An uprising that the people of Aberarth, including myself, are part of. 5540 will set an example to other rural and remote communities that art and creativity can lead the way to a better future.

To Book Your Art Class

The sessions are free and generously funded by the Arts Council of Wales. They will take place in Aberarth village hall on Sunday Mornings. We encourage participants to attend all four sessions to get the most out of the project. We will provide all the extra art materials and light refreshments for each session.

Session 1. 06.03.22 : 11.00 - 15.00

Session 2. 13.03.22 : 11.00 - 13.00

Session 3.  27.03.22: 11.00 - 13.00

Session 4.  03.04.22 :11.00 - 15.00

26.03.22  11.00 Meet Aberarth village Hall


The Biodiversity of the river Arth is under threat from pollution and climate change. To understand how we can help we must first learn to identify what is harming our river. If you want to become a citizen scientist and help shape the future of the river Arth sign up by emailing

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