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I was raised on the West Coast of Wales in a village called Aberarth. My upbringing has had a profound influence on the things I value and hold dear. I am passionate about the land and being in nature because I grew up surrounded by it. I long for it and feel placed when I am in it. There is 'Hiraeth' for it, especially the landscapes in Ceredigion because they are familiar and comforting to me. 
My artistic practice is rooted in the genre of Land Art .  I thrive on installing work in remote locations. By choosing to commit to the land,

I challenge what a studio or a gallery can be. 
The landscape is the foundation of my artistic practice, and the elemental materials I gather are a catalyst for the work I produce. Natural materials are enchanting. To me, they are magical and unimaginable. I don't wish to destroy or dramatically change the self-contained quality of the articles I find. Instead, I want to preserve their beauty and become part of their journey by displacing or reworking them in some way.
The environment is at the forefront of what I do. With climate change and the severe consequences of this, I feel that there is an urgency in the Art world to produce work that doesn't feed the pressing planetary problems. The decisions I make when creating work are earth-conscious. Part of this mindfulness relies on living and working rurally. I  believe that sustainability can be achieved by existing close to the land. 




MA Fine Art, UWE: Distinction 



BA Fine Art ,Central St Martins School of Art: 1st Class Honours 


1999- 2000 :

Art Foundation Coleg Sir Gar : Distinction

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