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5540 is an artist-led project that delves deep into the heart of a pressing environmental issue: the dire consequences of sewage pollution plaguing the river Arth. In its essence, 5540 aspires to nurture a community deeply connected to the river's life force, igniting a desire to protect the waterway and its autonomy.

At its core, 5540 embarks on a profound journey to explore the intricate tapestry where art, nature, and spirituality converge. It asks the question: Can art serve as a conduit for deciphering the river's sentient essence and, in doing so, illuminate the complex web of political, cultural, and economic challenges facing rural communities such as Aberarth?

In the realm of sacred activism, 5540 seeks to rekindle a reverence for the natural world, a belief in the sanctity of the living river. This isn't just an environmental mission; it's a spiritual calling to protect a sacred entity that transcends the boundaries of human comprehension. As participants engage with the project, they are invited to become stewards of this sacred river, acknowledging their role in its well-being as interconnected beings within a larger cosmic narrative.

5540 invites us to listen, not just with our ears but with our hearts and souls, as it encourages a profound shift in consciousness. It is a daring endeavour to decipher the river's voice through panpsychic interactions—recognising that every facet of existence, including the river itself, may possess a form of consciousness. It beckons us to enter into a dialogue with the river, learn from its timeless wisdom and engage in a reciprocal relationship that transcends the human-centric view of the world.

Through art and education, 5540 acts as a catalyst for collaboration and participation. It bridges the gap between the human and non-human realms, inviting us to learn the river’s subtle language and decipher its whispers in the rustling leaves and the gentle flow of water. This project empowers us to co-create a harmonious existence, forging a path where humanity, the living river, and the natural world converse as equals in the grand symphony of life.

In the end, 5540 extends an open invitation to all who feel the call to join in this collective effort—a movement to save the river Arth through the transformative power of art, education, and a profound recognition of the river's innate sentience, a vital participant in the ongoing narrative of our shared existence.

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