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Cuckoo Land

On Loss and Damage 

Ty Turner House 



The installation titled "Cuckoo Land" presents a unique concept involving a solid wooden kite that soars within the confines of a gallery space. This kite is intricately linked to a curated assemblage of objects sourced from the mouth of the river Arth in west Wales – a collection primarily composed of discarded remnants found along the shoreline.

At its core, the installation embodies a passionate advocacy for water justice, seeking to establish accountability for those responsible for the pollution of the river Arth. The central theme revolves around recognising our obligation, not solely to the present moment, but to the future generations. This perspective draws inspiration from indigenous pedagogical methods, underlining the significance of a dual responsibility that encompasses both our ancestors and the prosperity of the generations yet to come.

The installation's narrative endeavours to evoke a profound sense of optimism when confronting the complex web of challenges posed by climate change. Through its presentation, the installation effectively communicates the potential for transformative positive change and the restoration of environmental equilibrium. It serves as a visual testament to the plausibility of substantial progress, contributing valuably to the overarching endeavours to combat ecological predicaments.

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